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See who's coming to Pointerfest 2020.  It's a perfect event

to meet up with old friends and make new ones!.

Have you ordered your 2020 Pointerfest bandana?  Each green bandana is just £5 with all profitsbeing donated to charity! 


Kerry Fitzgerald with

Niamh and Ava!

(Pointerfest organiser)

Corrinne and Merlin

(Pointerfest organiser)

Lorna with Stella and Sue.

(Pointerfest organiser)

Andrea, Martin and Rogue

(Honorary Pointer)

Sammy and Valerie are coming!

Agatha Henley is joining us

The wonderful Bob is joining us again!

Anna Greensweig-brodie is bringing Stanley 

Oscar is bringing Paul

Ralph,  a rescue from Pointer Rescue Serbia is coming along

Edie the Tibetan Terrier (honorary pointer)!

Jon and Millie

(Pointerfest organiser)

Ann, Richard and Lizzie (Honorary Pointer)

Heather and Benhur are bringing Paula

Bruno the dog will be coming with Ruth, Ady, Amelia and Orla

Angel, Bonnie's foster Pointer from Serbia

Shona Harnett and Beenleigh

Lee and Ivy

(Pointerfest organiser)

Henry and Dottie are bringning

Vivienne and Stephen

Ebony is coming to her first Pointerfest

Betsey and Steve are coming!!!

Superhero Merlin wil be saving the day!

Rogue, Paul and Nic are coming along

Are you coming to Pointerfest?  If so and you want to be added to this page please email your photo to info@pointerfest.co.uk.

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