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The 2019 Pointerfest World Record Attempt!

What a day!  At Pointerfest 2019 we attempted to beat the record for the greatest number of dogs in a photoshoot.

Led by Martin Hall we were hoping for 150 dogs but we actually registered 237.  Unfortunately some of our hounds weren't eligible as they were too young or the owner did not have a registered ID number.  So, by the end we submitted a total of 213!

Our three magnificent photographers, Michael Norton, Simon Hanagarth and Ellie Kerans were under pressure to take a number of group photos along with a individual, protrait photos.  They did such a great job and their work can be seen in the Gallery pages. Take a look - all of the photos are for sale!

The rules for our record attempt were considerable.  Martin had to submit 50 pieces of evidence - it will take GWR about three months to review our application but we are all crossing our fingers we are RECORD BREAKERS!!


24 breeds of dog took part with the greatest number being.... Pointers!!!

87% of our canine visitors were Pointers.  

The most common dog  name:

Merlin - third place

Jasper - second place

Millie - first place!

The most common handler name:

Richard - third place

John - second place

Sue - first place!

The average age of our dogs - 4.95

The oldest dog to take part - 14

The youngest dog to take part - 14 weeks


There are so many people to thank for helping us with our attempt:

Photographers - Michael, Simon and Ellie

Certified Vet – Emily Hall

Official Timekeepers – Jake Rose, Simon Hanagarth

Official Stewards / registers – Louise Forde, Martin Hall, Kate Wilson + Vikki Jones 

Official Witnesses – Emily Hall, Keller Doran

Video editor – Dog Day Photography

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