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SHOW CLASSES - suggested donation £3 per entry

Prizes to 5th place!

The Gemma Walkland Fastest Sausage Snaffler Competition

Kindly sponsored by Chris and Sue Walkland (11.00am start)

Can your pooch find and eat the sausage faster than anyone else? If so this is the class for you!

As this is such a popular class we will run a number of smaller heats in 2019 before the big final!

The Big Jazzie Orange Fancy Dress Class (12pm start)

Kindly sponsored by Claire Stokes in memory of Big Jazzie Orange

Pointerfest 2019's most hilarious class. Join the fun with outrageous costumes being donned by all two-legged and four-legged entrants!  Separate 1st to 5th place prizes for adults and under 16's.

In addition to 1st-5th rosettes the winner of the Fancy Dress Class will receive a watercolour commission of ther entry (kindly donated by Debbie Birdsey). 

The Maisie Harnett Cutest Puppy

Kindly sponsored by Debbie Harnett (12.40pm start)

The most difficult class to judge!  Watch the judges squirm as they try to keep everyone happy!

The Giuse McCoy Golden Oldie

Kindly sponsored by Julie McCoy (1.00pm start)

Is your pooch in its senior years? Then look no further as this class celebrates the experienced Pointer. 

The Jerry Harvey Hoopla Competition

Kindly sponsored by Clare Harvey (1.20pm start)

How agile are you and your hound?  Through excitement, bribery or whatever method is needed your pooch and you need to squeeze through a hoola hoop in the fastest time to win!

The Apollo’s Angels and Rehoming Cyprus Pointers Best Honorary Pointer

Kindly sponsored by Apollo's Angels (1.40pm start)

Clearly we are not snobby about Pointers - any breed can join this class; they just have to pretend to be a Pointer!

Dexter's Musical Sit!

In memory of one of the original Pointerfest hosts. (2.10pm start)

OK.  If your hound isn't so obedient you may want to give this class a miss!

In addition to 1st-5th rosettes the winner of the Fancy Dress Class will receive a fabulous commission of your pet painted on a pebble by Paws to Paint.  Click here

to view their FaceBook page 

 The Welham Brewin Markie and Spoon race

Kindly sponsored by Sue Brewin  (2.40pm start)

A classic!  A delicious Markie and spoon in one hand and your excitable pooch in the other.  Overly-hungry dogs who eat their Markie will be disqualified!

The Henry Gibson Dog And Owner Who Most Look Or Act Alike...

Kindly sponsored by Jane Gibson (3.10pm start)

They say we take on the characteristics of our best friend. Let's prove it.  If your similarity is biting the judge, please don't enter.

The Life of Ava Luckiest Rescue (no entry fee)

Kindly sponsored by Kerry Fitzgerald (3.30am start)

Rescued dogs are what Pointerfest is all about.  All rescued dogs are lucky - let's showcase the fact!

NEW! Pre-book your classes!

Why not skip the queues this year  and pre-enter your pooch into your favourite classes?

Simply send your donation (suggested £3 per dog per class) via PayPal to pointerfest@gmail.com.

Don't forget to include your name, your dog’s name and which class(es) you want to enter them into.

Please select the family & friends option so we don’t get charged PayPal fees and can give more of your donation to charity!

Agility is back!

Suggested donation £3

Join Kerry and have a go at agility.  This easy course gives you chance to have a try your skills and achieve a clear or not-so-clear round!

Pre-book your place today - see details above!


Lunch and a bar is being provided by the Crown Inn, Claverdon.

If you are local or just visiting, The Crown is well worth a visit; it's our favourite...

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